Serving The West Coast of British Columbia

Phone  250-283-2255

Toll Free  1-877-795-2255

Distance and Duration:

35km or 4-6 days.

You can also be dropped further along to make it a

half trail.

Note: Mowachaht/Muchalaht Trail Fees

There is a $45 fee per person (cash only), payable to the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation Band which allows access to cross their three reserve sites on Nootka Island and their facilities at Friendly Cove. You can pay this fee at the boat ramp (see boat launch attendant) in Gold River or while crossing the first nations land.


Air Nootka offers a convenient and reliable service that provides easy access to the trailhead. Your flight will leave from the base in Gold River, fly down the Muchalaht Inlet to Nootka Sound, and then out to the west coast of Nootka Island.        

We will fly you over the length of the Nootka Island Trail, so you can see the marvels that ​await you on your hike. You'll be dropped off at Louie Lagoon, also known as Starfish Lagoon, which is the start of the trail. The trapped waters of Louie Lagoon yield an excellent protected landing area, only accessible by floatplane. A 45 minute hike along a flagged path through the rainforest brings hikers to the rolling surf of the Pacific Ocean at Third Beach where most hikers spend their first night.