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    There is no lack of fishing options in the Nootka Sound area. You can choose from one of the many lodges or make your own adventure. Whether you want to camp or stay in exclusive lodging, Air Nootka will fly you there.  If something a little different is what you are after, you can fly to a mountain lake or untapped river and do some fresh water fishing. 

​        -*-Surfing-*-
    Air Nootka can fly you to a remote place, where you and your friends can surf on the amazing, sandy beaches of Nootka Island. It has about 40 kilometers of empty breaks for the avid surfer.  With plenty of fresh water and driftwood for a fire at sunset every evening, it makes for an ideal camping area. Best of all, there will be little chance of anybody else waiting for your wave. 
- Drop off point is Bajo Point. there is a 2.5km hike to Calvin Falls (great camping-fresh water falls) - Takes average group, with gear about one and a half hour to hike during low to mid-level tide heights.

    Add adventure to your hike by flying in by floatplane (visibility permitting, you will see some of your upcoming escapades). Hiking any of the West Coast is an unbelievable experience. it has beautiful sandy beaches, tidal pools, waterfalls, various types of wildlife, rugged coastlines, historic sites and glorious sunsets. Check out the most popular hikes or plan your own.